Terrific. That’s the best word to describe the effort of everyone who turned up for today’s session. Thanks to the jumble sale in the pavilion we even had some unexpected spectators throughout the match.

They would have witnessed some terrific skill and, in places, some trickery.

The training involved the usual defence v attack scenarios, dribbling and one-two passing. The training match continued to work on the art of keeping shape, zonal play and patient build-up.

Some good partnerships were created: Ollie B-S and Corey, Josh and Oscar, Jack and Sophie being the standouts.

That’s right: for the first time in Lydford FC’s history, we had a female competitor. Sophie impressed with her trickery, goalkeeping and all-round play.

For the actual game, the Reds lined up as Ross (GK), James, Oscar, Shea, Ollie B-S and Tobin. The Blues: Sophie (GK), Jack, Ernie, Corey and Gavin.

The Reds sailed into a 2-0 lead before Ollie B-S beat Sophie with a deft touch. At half-time the score was 4-3 to the Reds.

In the second half, the Reds increased their lead to 5-3, before some real effort from the Blues pulled them back to 5-5. Sadly for the Blues, this only seemed to stir the Reds, who scored three in succession to make it 8-5.

The final score of 10-7 may have flattered the Reds a touch, but they just edged the game on the day.

Tobin deserves real credit for a man-of-the-match performance, while Sophie has to grab the woman-of-the-match award. Shea and Ollie B-S were as lethal in attack as ever, while Oscar and James continue to provide great cover at the back.

Thanks to all who turned up. We’re edging closer to the creation of the first Lydford FC team. A children versus adults charity exhibition match might be in order…


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