The children of Lydford have been training for what, two, maybe three months now and — while we’re not quite ready to take on the world — the progress has been remarkable.

The days of ‘kick and rush football’ are behind us. From a ‘Keystone Cop’ mentality of chasing after the ball, the lads are more patient, more willing to work as a team. Credit to those who turn up week in, week out.

We know the facilities aren’t great: one goal is smaller than the other and if too many children turn up, there aren’t enough balls to go round. But the children never complain – unless it’s to dispute a contentious referring decision. Although the introduction of a sin bin has put paid to too many arguments…

But seriously, if you’re a parent of one of the children who turn up to Lydford FC, give them a pat on the back. It might be early days, but these lads (and lasses) are showing an eagerness to learn and a fair amount of talent.

To this end, they need some reward – a chance for them to demonstrate their skills to the village. Based on attendance, attitude and talent, we have a first XI and a formation in mind. All we need now is some competition.

As we’re not an affiliated club (yet), we can’t go off in search of external teams, so we need some challengers from within. So how about some kind of Lydford football tournament – a mini-league involving our fresh recruits and other groups. A dads XI. A mums XI. An 11-15 XI.

We’re keen to give Lydford FC a chance to play a match, so if you’re up for forming a team, let us know. Don’t worry about size/age restrictions – we can introduce limitations to create a level playing field.

Spread the word: the boys need a reward!



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