It has been an exciting few months for Lydford Foxes A.F.C. and in the rest of 2017 we’re not expecting to get any quieter!

In February, Gav and Asa successfully completed their Level 1 FA Coaching Course and in the last few weeks received their certification which will shortly be on display in the club pavilion.

Ruth MacIntyre will be taking up the role as Club Welfare Officer.

The Sports Field Committee has approved a second training session which is going to take place from 2 May, 2017 on Tuesday evenings at 1800-1900 and will focus on tactics and strategy ahead of the weekend’s game. If there’s no official match, there’ll be more time for training matches.

With all this great news and our increasing officialdom we’ve started writing a cover sheet for our club charter, this will be directed at the kids and let them know exactly what we expect from the Foxes. It’s a work in progress but the following rules will definitely be in there.

  1. Foxes will be expected to turn up in appropriate kit, ideally with football boots, but most definitely with shin pads. We have some spare at the clubhouse but if we can’t give you some and you don’t have them then you can’t play.
  2. In winter you need warm kit, long sleeves, jogging bottoms, wooly hats and gloves. Ideally we expect at least three layers.
  3. In summer you need to have on your sunscreen before you start to play. We can’t check so it’s the parents’ responsibility to make sure it’s being worn.
  4. Players need to be on time, it’s been very casual up to now but if we want to get the most from training we need to effectively use the whole session.
  5. Players who don’t participate in training don’t play in matches. That means that if you don’t do Tuesday training you can’t play in Saturday official games and if you don’t do all the Saturday training you can’t play in the Saturday training match.
  6. Have your medication to hand. If you need inhalers or Epi-pens we can’t let you play unless you bring them with you. We’ll be keeping a sealed box for medication in the pavilion so if you have a spare leave it with us.

We want to maintain the ethos and spirit that the Foxes have always shown and now we are becoming an official club we need to have a lot of procedures in place to ensure kids are kept safe and can enjoy our great village club. Keep up the great work, kids. See you on the pitch!


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