It’s not a precise estimate, but we’re probably asked about once every 10 seconds as to when the Lydford Foxes club strip will be available. Well, children, ladies and gentlemen, that time is now!

Yes, your children could be the first to wear the orange and black of the mighty Lydford Foxes, giving them a chance to kiss the badge as they wheel away in delight after slotting the ball past the goalkeeper*.

*Other celebrations are available.

As you might have seen from Ruth ‘Club Welfare Officer’ MacIntyre’s text, we’ll be handing out the kits at the end of tomorrow’s training session, ahead of next weekend’s anticipated friendly match against Horrabridge.

There is absolutely no obligation to purchase the club strip – your child is free to continue wearing a Barcelona, Liverpool, Arsenal, Brentford Chelsea, Fleetwood Town or Accrington ‘Who are they’ Stanley shirt – but we know that some children are itching to get hold of the official shirt.

Other children are simply itching.

We have a limited supply, which will be dished out on a first-come-first-served basis. Based on numbers, we should have enough for all. We’re looking for a minimum donation of £15 per strip (shirt/shorts/socks) for your first two children, and £10 for your third child.

They’re a little on the large side – a consequence of letting Asa and Gavin handle the order – but this does mean that there’s plenty of room for growth. We also have two goalkeeping strips, one of which we’ll reserve for Russell the penalty-saving maestro.

Again, there’s no obligation to buy. Come September, when we play our first competitive match, we’ll have shirts available for players without a strip.

See you tomorrow morning. Reminder: we train on Saturday mornings (10am – 12pm) and Tuesday evenings (6pm – 7pm).


Oh, you can now follow the Foxes on Twitter. Do it.


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