As the Son-Rise Cup approaches, we wanted to provide a quick update on our participation in this year’s tournament.

There will be three Lydford Foxes teams entering the cup: Under 10s, Under 12s and Under 14s. We need a minimum of seven players per squad and a maximum of 10.  The confirmed squads are:

Under 10s:

  • Ollie – paid
  • Corey
  • Ben M
  • OJ – paid
  • Robert – paid
  • Stanley
  • Paul
  • Aaron

Under 12s:

  • Ernie – paid
  • Shea
  • Max
  • Ashley
  • Tobin
  • Louis
  • James – paid
  • Oscar L

Under 14s:

  • Josh
  • Harvey
  • Ben J
  • Ben
  • Russell
  • Nathan
  • Oscar H

In the case of the Under 10s and Under 12s, we’ll be taking squads of eight, but we have seven players for the Under 14s. In all cases we’d welcome more players, to provide opportunities for squad rotation, injuries and tiredness. 

Do let us know if you’d like to join. As a reminder, the tournament is spread across the bank holiday weekend, with Lydford Foxes playing on Saturday 27th May 2017.

We’d invite players and parents to arrive at Tavistock Community College from 9am, as one of our games might kick-off as early as 10am. We’re expecting to be sent more information this week, so please keep an eye on this page and Twitter/WhatsApp for more updates.

Tomorrow’s training session will run from 6pm to 7pm as normal, but we’ll be adding an additional hour as we’re keen to be prepared for the Son-Rise Cup. Note: there will be no Saturday session this week as the coaches will be Tavistock.

We’d invite parents and players to stay for an extra hour tomorrow, but we appreciate that it’s a school night. The second hour will be tournament-related practice, so it’s mostly relevant to the players involved in the cup.

Reminder: there’s a fee of £3.50 per player for the Son-Rise Cup. We’ve paid the organisers up front, so if you could pay us on Tuesday evening that would be great.

For more information visit the Son-Rise Cup website, but stay tuned for further updates, including rules and timings.

Remember: tomorrow’s training session will run from 6pm to 8pm, but you’re welcome to take your child home from 7pm. Just let us know at the start of the session.

Come on you Foxes!


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